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10 July 2007 @ 05:18 pm
One week ago I destroyed my laptop again... cup of coffee over laptop... it burned away -___-

However I need all my music again! So if you have any complete disco of one of the following bands, I would be so thankful!

(and whatever you think I should hear XD~~)
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04 July 2007 @ 11:40 am
I uploaded some albums of AnCafe, BIS, Dir en grey, Gazette, Girugamesh and Guitar Wolf. If you're interested: ( こちらどうぞ! )

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17 March 2007 @ 06:02 pm
Since I want to stay in this comm and all I uploaded something.
Don't know if anyone wants it though....

Közis Latest Album Loki 'n' Roll
26 February 2007 @ 01:52 pm

Hmmm... I really have to say that I'm a bit unhappy about this community... I don't wanna be rude but why do some of you join and never ever post something?

I am also disappointed about some people that they don't seem to check the community or just don't care about the things other people ask for...

So here is my offer:

The whole March you all have time to upload something!
It's not important if it is new or old...
It's not important if it is a PV, some MP3s or even a whole Disco...
Please check the older questions... maybe you can help... I know that some of you could...

I will repeat this entry from time to time because sometimes it just can be that you can't check the internet and miss this announcement and I want to be fair...

But: if you did not upload something until the last day of March, I have to take you out of the community. Please let us all try to keep it alive!
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11 February 2007 @ 07:05 pm
Could someone of you PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE upload some girugämesh video(s)? ._.
I would love you till death ;_;
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11 February 2007 @ 01:06 pm
I uploaded some stuff of Dir en grey (Grief PV, The Marrow of a Bone album) and Naitomea (Criminal Baby PV, Barks Valentine's comments) on Mediafire. Hope, you'll enjoy them...

( Follow me... )

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25 January 2007 @ 10:18 am
Because I have to study and study at the moment (until 15th February) I have no time at all to check the new releases... or if THERE ARE ANY releases at all... I didn't hear anything from so many bands I love... so here is my question:

What about Gazette's new single "Hyena"?

Is anybody out there who can upload Ayabie's stuff since... faint.topaz? >__< I asked several times but it seems that nobody wants to help...

What about SADIE and girugämesh?
Last I got from Sadie was there new mini album... last I got from girugämesh was 13's reborn.

And MUCC... I am sure I missed so much. Last I have is utagoe, ryuusei, cover parade and 6.
Anybody out there to help me?

Same for Kagrra,! GOSH! Chikai no tsuki is the last thing I have...

PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I GO CRAZY!!! I need a bit music while I am sitting over my university stuff...
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11 January 2007 @ 12:01 am
I uploaded some random stuff of/by ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh) on MegaUpload.

( Click me... )

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13 December 2006 @ 03:03 pm
My friend gave it to me and I wanna share it with everyone who´s interested ^_^.
And I just noticed why the redhaired one looks so familiar to me XD its aiji (ex pirrot)
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LM.C~~~Rock the LM.C~~~
23 November 2006 @ 02:47 pm
Ich suche tausend Sachen:

Ganz wichtig -->

Das neue Mini-Album von Sadie (mit Meisai PV, wenn möglich)

Die neuen Sachen von Ayabie (die wohl schon länger draußen sind... wenn's geht auch PV)

und einfach alles, was in den letzten Tagen kam... bitte bitte... ich bin schon voll im Lernstreß! ;___;