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25 January 2007 @ 10:18 am
Because I have to study and study at the moment (until 15th February) I have no time at all to check the new releases... or if THERE ARE ANY releases at all... I didn't hear anything from so many bands I love... so here is my question:

What about Gazette's new single "Hyena"?

Is anybody out there who can upload Ayabie's stuff since... faint.topaz? >__< I asked several times but it seems that nobody wants to help...

What about SADIE and girugämesh?
Last I got from Sadie was there new mini album... last I got from girugämesh was 13's reborn.

And MUCC... I am sure I missed so much. Last I have is utagoe, ryuusei, cover parade and 6.
Anybody out there to help me?

Same for Kagrra,! GOSH! Chikai no tsuki is the last thing I have...

PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I GO CRAZY!!! I need a bit music while I am sitting over my university stuff...
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