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This community should help everyone of us to find the music we wanna listen to...
So please feel free to join this community if -->

- you are interested in J-Rock & J-Pop music
- PVs
[- Clips, TV Shows, etc...]

Some BlahBlah... or maybe rules XD~~:

- if you have a request, please feel free to ask for it. it doesn't matter what band you like... everything is allowed
- if you are the one who wants to help, don't open a new entry... just answer the request and upload your stuff there
- of course, you can upload everything without a request if you think that it is great and you wanna show the other members what you like at the moment
- try to upload high quality
- best programs to upload are probably yousendit and megaupload
- design will be changed from time to time ---> PLEASE HELP ME WITH THAT! i can't create layouts, so if you have a nice one, let me know and i will change it as often as possible!
- please don't use this community to exchange pictures